Don’t be motivated, be consistent!


Anyone can break a deal once, but only consistent people become wealthy in this business. That means you must focus solely on constantly, always, consistently, reaching out to the right group of property owners asking them if they have interest in selling because you have interest in buying. It is good to be motivated but whether you are motivated or not you have to be consistent. More importantly it is vital to constantly remind yourself that you have to constantly be contacting people.

 It is a fact that the highest form of human retention comes from doing. That is, you are more likely to remember and learn something from doing it, not reading about it, not watching youtube channels about it, but actually doing it. The truth is the majority of people will tell you NO, some of these NOs will be creatively negative, but do not take it personal. A few NOs can later on become a very profitable YES. You are swimming in a sea of NOs looking for the few and abundant yeses. The idea that made me decide to start wholesaling real estate way back in 2009, aside from my passion for business, was that I figured most sales based companies all deal with a bunch of people saying “no thank you, I don’t want your product or service”. Why not then participate in a business where the price of the product or service was really high? I thought, a house cost way more than groceries or a gym membership, if 10,000 people say noto me but 1 says yes, it meant I was going to get really paid. I was right, my first deal I made 50K plus off one wholesale deal alongside my brother and my dear friend and business partner. 

I admittedly stopped being consistent at reaching out to people soon after my first deal and boy did I pay for it. I went flat broke in little to no time. I like to say, as an excuse, that I was fresh out of college, and never having seen such money before, hey let’s party. I say again, there is no better teacher than doing because whether the outcome is good or bad you learn. I was only able to build a successful business for myself in real estate when I internalized that no matter the amount of deals you have in your pipeline, you have to consistently keep pouring deals in.

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