What you say is just as important as how you say it!

I used to hate cold calling property owners when I first started wholesaling. The reason I hated cold calling is a lot of people would be mean, say nasty things, and hang up the phone on me. I googled and researched the best way to communicate with property owners, and tried different approaches until I found one that worked for me. I still hate cold calling today, fortunately I have made enough money wholesaling that I was able to buy multiple rental properties whose passive income help pay for virtual assistants to call for me. 

My initial approach to property owners was robotic, monotoned, and scary sounding in nature. I would sound almost as if I was reading off a card with no emotions and no breaks, “hi I’m Jeffrey from this gigantic investment company buying everything under the sun and we want to buy your house too, are you selling?” And if they said no I would immediately hang up. If I must be honest, the cold calls terrified me, so when someone said no, I was just relieved it was over and hung up. After your first yes, the nos will not phase you I hope I’m not scaring you guys away.

The pitch that works for me to the capacity that people are more quick/open to say yes, if they are actually thinking of selling at the time, and not mean at all when they say no is, “Hey I’m Jeff, sorry to bother, I’m calling people in the area because Im looking to buy property there, just curious have you thought of selling by chance? I internalized it so that when I say it, it comes off natural. My tonality is questionative, affirmative, and empathetic. Make it your own, with the message intact. People want to do business with people, not robots, be yourself. MY 11 plus years of experience have also taught me that when someone says no, you immediately ask them, “Well did I call too soon? “You think maybe in 3 months, 6 months, or a year you’d be ready to sell or never?” You will be surprised at how many people ask you to call them back at some point in the near future. At this point, stop what you are doing and go call some property owners in your target market!

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