Wholesale until it funds your true passion

Real estate investing has been around for as long as people started fencing off land, building houses, raising cattle or herding sheep on it. 100 plus years later it is no surprise that 90% of people who have accumulated wealth have done so at least in part via real estate investing. Wholesaling specifically, in real estate investing, is a great niche in the industry because it allows people to enter with little to no money, assume little to no risk because as a wholesaler you are essentially the intermediary between a distressed property seller and an investor with money to invest, and you can do it remotely from anywhere (yes, that’s right, you can do this while sitting on your toilet at home, not that we recommend it, but hey!, to each their own). If all these points aren’t enough for you to fall in love with wholesaling real estate, that’s ok. Real estate investing is one of the fastest ways to create real wealth. Use it as a vehicle to grow capital quickly and then invest in whatever it is you actually want to do. I believe everyone should at the very least learn wholesaling so that they build the knowledge and confidence to buy an investment property or 2, correctly for passive income. The passive income that you get monthly from your rental properties can go towards new chairs mirrors and towels at your salon or barbershop that you have been dying to start.

I personally love real estate investing and so I take my profits from wholesaling and invest them into purchasing rental properties and fixer uppers. One of my goals is to build a portfolio of 1000 plus residential and commercial rental units throughout the tri-state area. If you do not love or are not passionate about wholesaling and would be ok making enough money to buy one rental property so that you have some positive cash flow coming in monthly, then use what we teach you as a means to an end. If your true desire is to open up a restaurant, then wholesale a bunch of deals, save your money and start your business on strong footings. The more you know the more options you have. Another one of my goals is to open up a chain of pizza shops in multiple States. Because of what I’ve learned in my decade journey in the real estate investment world I would start the first pizza shop in a small mixed use property with maybe 2 or 3 apartments upstairs and a vacant commercial space downstairs for the Pizza shop, and I would make sure that the price I pay for that property would guarantee that the apartments upstairs rental income would more than cover the mortgage for the entire property so that I can calmly and freely build the pizza business in the commercial space downstairs without having to worry about paying someone else mortgage or maybe raising the lease on me sometime in the future. You don’t know what you don’t know so let us help you get in the know zone! 

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