Long term dreams and short term work ethic don’t mix!

I’m going to use the analogy I once heard Will Smith say in an interview to explain what I mean about your long term dreams will not become a reality with short term work ethic. He told the person interviewing him something along the lines that if you think about the big picture of what you’d like to achieve all at once it will scare you to death and seem almost impossible. He goes on to use the example of a brick wall and says if you want to build a brick wall, don’t think about the entire wall just focus today on laying the first brick the best you can, tomorrow the second brick, so on and so forth. Eventually you will have the entire brick wall complete, but it took giving it his best, everyday, for a lot of days, months, years, etc. As a wholesaler you are fortunate that the business you are in yields a lot of money and so the bricks will be laid down faster, metaphorically speaking. 

If you don’t believe you have to be consistent to create wealth and be financially free, ask your boss why is it they want you to come in and work everyday for as long as possible, for as long as you are capable and efficient at what you are paid to do. It’s because they understand that as long as you are in the game you are going to be well off, like the compound effect. A whole lot of little bit of work will always amount to something bigger and greater later. Years ago I had a “5 deals or less a year” streak where basically for like 2 years I was closing 5 deals or so in the entire year. When it was all said and done I made 6 figures plus each year. No matter how many people said No, I continuously marketed for deals as if everyone was saying yes. My dreams did not start coming to fruition until I became dedicated, consistent and focused. The sun rises everyday, the moon sets every night, you have to eat everyday, you have to shower everyday (I would hope so), so you have to HUSTLE!, everyday. Jay Z is now the world’s youngest African American billionaire and he became so doing a lot of focused work for a little over two decades. I saw a late night show episode with Kevin Hart as the guest and he said to the host and audience, his overnight success took him 20 years or so to achieve. I promise this is going to be really fun and once you get the hang of it. It becomes almost like a game, and you always want to beat your high score because they equate to nice chunky pay days.

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